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I’m Alone and Fearful – Be Kind!

Castle Eden Inn (October 2 1814)

I am waiting here alone – ten miles from Seaham – in expectation of my Uncle’s arrival.

My thoughts are with you – and you shall have them…

I have something like a fear to know the day of your arrival.

I should be unhappy if I did not expect it, yet when fixed, I shall perhaps wish that we had met, rather than were to meet.

I must be thoughtless if I could be simply glad to see you.

You will understand this too well to think it unkind.

I hear the carriage…

…take care of yourself and rest on the road – and think it is for the sake of her “who loves thee best.”

Sources Used:

The Life and Letters of Anne Isabella Lady Noel Byron Ethel Colburn Mayne (London: Constable & Co Ltd 1929)

'A Sigh to Those That Love Me'

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