Wedlock's THE Devil!
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Sorry NOT Sorry!

Seaham Hall (November 24 1814)

Thursday Night

Your letters of somethings or nothings always make me as glad now as they used to make me sorry.

Seaham is no longer home to me without you.

Make it home when you will – too soon for my wishes it cannot be…

Do not regard my up and down spirits; if I am high and low, I am never hot and cold.

No to-London post this morning. I do not expect a letter from you to-day – I can live upon yesterday’s for another day at least, so welcome & gladdening was its impression.

I shall be too happy – there will be no reverse – whilst you love me there cannot.

Remember – I have done with doubts…

I was indeed a little unhappy one day that I wrote from Durham. The cause, in which you had not a share, I have partly told you.

It is all over.

Sources Used:

Lord Byron’s Wife Malcolm Elwin (London: John Murray 1962)

'A Sigh to Those That Love Me'

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