Wedlock's THE Devil!
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MY Wish is NOT a Secret!

Seaham Hall (December 5 1814)

Your malice shall be gratified by knowing that I wish for only as often as I think of you.

“So you love me very much.” If you said so with faith, how can I think you enough?

Shall I tell you a secret? I don’t like to have my love but half-believed, since, being wholly yours, it is to me my first virtue – that of which I am proudest.

What else can I do for you but love you….

I was at Sunderland this morning, suffering the extraction of a tooth, the loss of which contributes much to my comfort…

It is vexatious that you should be banished from Whitehall again.

I think Lady Melbourne might visit you, if you can’t visit her.

You may tell her I shall not be jealous if she takes possession of your apartments.

Sources Used:

Lord Byron’s Wife Malcolm Elwin (London: John Murray 1962)

'A Sigh to Those That Love Me'

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