Wedlock's THE Devil!
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Am I NOT Yours? Oh! The Horror!

Seaham Hall (December 8 1814)

‘Byron, my own, there shall not be any delay to our marriage on account of these circumstances if you are sure you can reconcile yourself to the privations necessarily attendant on so limited an income.

I can be as happy with little as with much, provided the little be not exceeded, and debt incurred.

Of debt I have so great a horror that I should cheerfully make any exertions to avoid it…

You are not perhaps aware of the small establishment which our present means can support, yet I think it may be rendered perfectly comfortable (which to me is luxury) if we live in comfort, not for style – if we do not sacrifice to the absurd pride of keeping up our situation…

As far as I know your taste, I don’t think the present restrictions to our expenditure would interfere with your happiness.

We can only keep one carriage, and one house – if it be within a day’s journey from London we may in a great degree united the advantages of Town & Country, we may receive that quiet kind of society which I think we both prefer…

 …. If your opinions differ, tell me – you know I will look to you as the guide – though you would rather let me tumble into a “pond horse,” than show me the right road…

My father and mother express and feel the greatest desire to see me yours.

If Hanson should not fulfil within the promised ten days, I shall begin to think he means to keep you for another Miss Hanson…

How happy I shall be when you return – Pray – no – I need not ask you -‘

Sources Used:

Lord Byron’s Wife Malcom Elwin (London: John Murray 1962)

'A Sigh to Those That Love Me'

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