Wedlock's THE Devil!
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After WE Become ONE? How Amusing!

Seaham Hall (December 17 1814)

My only anxiety is to learn that you are coming.

Then I am sure we should not find any of these obstacles.

If difficulties should continue for a short time, they will be very pretty amusement after we are one.

Till we are – the molehills are mountains.

Are you aware that in the settlements a provision is made for the payment of debts and other present exigencies before the sale of Newstead?

… Surely the writings will be done before you receive this. What can I say to hasten your journey?

I am scolded every day for your absence, besides feeling it most myself.

I wish I could retaliate upon you – instead of which, were you but with me, my own Byron, you would know how much I am

Your Annabella

Sources Used:
Lord Byron’s Wife Malcolm Elwin (London: John Murray 1962)

'A Sigh to Those That Love Me'

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