Wedlock's THE Devil!
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Can YOU Make ME Happy?

Seaham Hall (September 14 1814)

I have your second letter, and am almost too agitated to write – but you will understand.

It would be absurd to suppress any thing.

I am and have long pledged to myself to make your happiness my first object in life.

If I can make you happy, I have no other consideration.

I will trust to you for all I should look up to – all I can love.

The fear of not realizing your expectations is the only one I now feel.

Convince me – it is all I wish – that my affection may supply what is wanting in my character to form your happiness.

This is a moment of joy which I have too much despaired of ever experiencing  – I dared not believe it possible, and I have painfully supported a determination founded in fact on the belief that you did not wish it removed – that its removal would not be for your good.

There has in reality been scarcely a change in my sentiments. More of this I defer.

I wrote by last post – with different feelings!

Let me be grateful for those with which I now acknowledge myself

Most affectly yours.


Sources Used:

Lord Byron’s Wife Malcolm Elwin (London: John Murray 1962)

'A Sigh to Those That Love Me'

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